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 First Things First

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PostSubject: First Things First   First Things First EmptyThu Sep 15, 2011 2:12 am

--Some Tips For You Starting Out--

Do your dailies… you're new so you've got nothin' not even clothes. You're going to need some start up capital and dailies help you with that sort of thing even if they do occasionally result in you being in a full body cast or in jail.

Obtain some starter gear… it will be garbage, but it will get you by the first stages of your DR career. They even have snacks. You can find starter stuff at Nightly Nibbles

Get a job… Work does suck (unless you unlock the job of stripper), but jobs give you money, stats, and job points, the latter of which can be exchanged for other things at the job center. Spend job points wisely, cause you never know when you are going to get those things.

Get some mining and laboratory gear… whether you want to impress the ladies or simply make them jealous, you're going to need gems and crystals and mining helps you to get both of these things. Mining gear is the must for now. You can get lab gear later. You can find mining and laboratory gear at Workforce Wearables

Enroll in a class… Classes give stats that will help you be able to level later on as well as get a job or a better job depending upon. Unfortunately, Sex Education is a class that has been removed due to some of the things that happened while I was attending that course.

Read the rules to the game… not knowing the rules van get you placed in purgatory and can also get you kicked from a club. So know the rules of the game.

Links of Interest (Require for you to be logged into DR in another tab in order to work):

Newspaper - Advertising for just about anything and then some can be found here. Things for sale, things looking to be bought, clubs looking for people, stocks crashing, that pesky lycan that keeps robbing everybody... point is, this is a very useful place to go on a regular basis.

Personals - If you're looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right... or looking for am e-cuddle buddy and looking for someone else looking for the same, this can be used, though it is rather "dusty" at the moment. DO NOT use the Newspaper for this sort of thing. Only this section is for finding an e-cuddle bear to call your own.

Clubs - If you're looking for a club to join (or maybe you're crazy enough to attempt to start one), they tend to advertise here. You can also find a full list of clubs HERE

Swap Meet - People looking to buy and/or sell goods like weapons and armor they are no longer using or that blow up doll they no longer need because they met that special someone, tend to advertise that stuff here. You can also find services being offered ("services" heh) like people that will create DPs (heh DPs) which really means Display Pic.

Auction House - When you have patience and want to see what you can get for something rather than setting the price yourself... or if you shopping is only fun for you when it is like a sporting event, this is the place to go. You never know what might get auctioned off and sometimes, you may even get it at a good deal or you may get top dollar for that Twilight movie you've been holding on to.

Item Market - This is pretty self explanatory. Use the drop down to find what you want and maybe it is for sale and maybe it is at a good price.

Player Shops Search - If you know what you want, you can use this function to search all player shops for it and if it is carried, it will show. This sure as hell beats scrolling though each and every player shop for that Justin Bieber Tennis Racket you have been wanting so badly. Just type in "Just" or "Ten" cause you don't need the whole word and viola! You have a new weapon to battle DR with... assuming you can afford it.
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First Things First
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