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 A Guide to Dailies

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Villain Masari
Villain Masari

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PostSubject: A Guide to Dailies   A Guide to Dailies EmptyThu Sep 15, 2011 2:22 am

--A Guide on Dailies--

Dailies – Just like you check the locks on your doors to make sure I can’t get into your home, or those of you that check porn (like me (I am checking now in fact)), these are also activities that should be done (and completed) every day. There are basically two types of dailies… Limited and Leisure… and then there is schooling.

Limited Dailies - Things with daily limits – Much like the number of times I can smack female members on the rear end (or on the cleavage) before having them report me, these can only be done a set number of times before reset and therefore need to be completed as a priority. Completion of these tasks will provide you with a decent amount of goods, crystals and/or money that you can save, donate to your club, or hold on to it to bail peeps out of local and federal prisons.

Leisure Dailies – These are dailies that do not have any daily limits so they can be done at your leisure, but unlike bathing, you should probably actually do them at some point each day - You are only limited by supplies where applicable. These are also things that the amount of time you spend doing them will vary depending upon your personal goals, playing time, and playing style.

Schooling – Only fools don’t stay in school, so always be enrolled in a class… nuff said. (none of that rhymed so I am adding the word “ass”)

Limited Dailies:

Streets - 75/Non-Donators 100/Donators
Voting - Daily Reward/Donators
Mine Search - 25/Non-Donators 50/Donators
Maze - 1/Non-Donators 2/Donators
Gameboard (Atlantic City) - Varies for level and for donator vs. non-donator status
Crimes - Limit depends on level

Leisure Dailies:



(What are you reading this part for? Didn’t you see where it said nuff said? Enroll already!)

A Guide to Dailies 3321 Cool A Guide to Dailies 3321

A Guide to Dailies BePervy
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A Guide to Dailies
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