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 Full Training and POWER Training Guide

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Villain Masari
Villain Masari

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PostSubject: Full Training and POWER Training Guide   Sun Jan 29, 2012 1:39 am

--A Guide on Training--

If you are like me, and the love of your life and/or object of your affection keeps running away from you (mostly because she or he has no idea as to who you are… or because she knows exactly who you are) and you find that you are unable to keep up... or maybe you can’t climb the tree in order to get to the perfect vantage point to watch over them as they shower and or get dressed, you may need to train.

- You can train using nothing but food, but this yields the least results
- You can train in the Secret Gym using only food. This will give you twice the return on your training.
- You can train using Slayer’s Blood, which will give you much better results
- You can train using Slayer’s Blood and Permission of Elders (PoE). This will give you 4 times the return on your training.
- Or you can train with Elixir of Elders and Slayer's Blood (EoE). This will give you 5 times the return on your training.

The two different styles that yield the best results are also the most costly so you have to decide for yourself how you wish to proceed and when to use those supplies up. Your friendly club leaders may be able to help you make these sort of decisions… I on the other hand will lead you somewhere dark and secluded so… following me may not be the best of plans.

**gym passes cost vary depending on the crystal market and gym type but usually cost well over $1,000 each day to use and you only pay this fee once per day and it will cover the “Gym” located in the horizontal menu and the “Secret Gym” on the explore page located under “Mysterious”**


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Villain Masari
Villain Masari

Posts : 730
Join date : 2011-02-12

PostSubject: A Guide on Training: Regular Training   Sun Jan 29, 2012 1:42 am

A Guide on Training: Regular Training

Say you have no PoEs, or not enough PoEs to really do anything with, but you still want to feel like you accomplished something… well depending upon your level, regular training may not be the answer for you.

However, as my wife can tell you from requesting a long night of passion and getting 27 seconds of thunder instead, something is better than nothing. So this part of the guide, will help you get the 27 seconds you deserve.

In order to train, you need to have energy and in order to get the most out of training, it is best if you have full energy. In order to have full energy, you need to eat food or use crystals to refill.

NEVER use crystals to refill your energy unless you are power training because it would be wasteful.

How much food you can eat depends on your level and your fullness. Energy does not come back on its own, but your fullness does go down on its own so that you will be able to eat more. If you are a donator this happens twice as fast than if you are not.

You also want to make sure you have the best home you can have for your level. Don’t worry about wasting money on a home and not having it for a better home in the future because the funds stack.

This means that if you pay 10k for a home and the next home costs 30k, you will only have to pay 20k for it.

So now you have the best house you can have, and your energy is at 100%... now all you have to do is go to the gym. Click on the gym and if you have not paid to use the gym yet, you will be asked to do so at this time. It can be very expensive as the price varies with the crystal market, which is a plan that makes Bally’s Total Fitness seem like a free membership.

Now select the stat you want to train, and then train it for the maximum number of trains you can, and you are done… or you can wait for your fullness to go down and simply repeat the process, it is up to you really.

The regular gym can be found here: Gym

**This gym yields the weakest return, but something is better than nothing**


This is the same thing as above, only you use the Elder's Gym which can be found here: Elder's Gym

This will grant you twice the return on your training.


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Villain Masari
Villain Masari

Posts : 730
Join date : 2011-02-12

PostSubject: Power Training   Sun Jan 29, 2012 2:15 am

Power Training

So lifting the kiddy weights just ain’t cutting it anymore. You really want to wow that woman who moved in across from you in the club dorms (as well as her friends), by showing her the “New” you… or you want that ripping hunk to embrace you and hopefully scare me off.

Either way, what do you do? Counseling in order to get in touch with your feminine side? That sounds like it involves too much crying, and repressed memories of wrestling with Uncle Russell in the basement with no shirt and covered in jelly may come back. Purse shopping? Well that might make you feel better ladies, but guys don’t notice purses or new hairdos for that matter or anything other than breasts, football, and food for that matter… but fret not.

A guy likes when you can kick his ass (not really), and Guys, women love seeing men that stalk them because it shows initiative (not really), so why not be beefed out when ya do?

That is where Power Training comes in and I am going to tell you how it is done….

You may have heard your WILL bar can go over 100%. You can infact boost it to 500%. This significantly improves your STATS gained in GYM and in SECRET GYM.


FIRST - Make sure you have the best HOUSE for your LEVEL AND get your energy up to 100 using food AND make sure your will is up to 100% already THEN

SECOND - You need to open at least THREE TABS on your browser:

FIRST TAB: should be on your Refill Energy (The link using crystals on the left menu)

SECOND TAB: should be Using Slayer’s Blood from your Inventory

THIRD TAB: should be the Gym.

IMPORTANT! The game works on a 5 minute TICK system For instance, 4:40:00 until 4:44:59 is ONE 5 minute tick. You need to WATCH for this as it greatly effects how much you Power Train. Once the Tick rolls over to the next 5 minute, it will take your will back down to 100% or lower.



Step 1: Just after the 5 minute tick rolls over, at 4:40:01 (for instance) you go to your TRAINING gym tab and change the amount of times to train to 1. 1 only! and click Train. Doesn’t matter which Stat you use.

This brings your will down to 99%

Step 2: Click on your first Tab (ENERGY REFILL) and hit F5 to refresh your energy to 100%

Step 3: Click on the second tab (USE VIAL OF SLAYERS BLOOD) and start to press F5 until you see your WILL bar increasing over 100%. Keep doing this until you can’t.

Step 4: Click on GYM (third Tab) and then (first time only) click on GYM Link again. (This resets you to the highest amount of trains) Select whichever STAT you want to train, and then click the Train button.

Step 2 Again) Click on first tab, and press F5 to refill your energy

Step 3 Again) Click on second tab (Use Slayer’s Blood) and press F5 until you can’t anymore. This will take less as you\\\`ll only go down to about 460% will each train.

Step 4 Again) Go to your Third Tab (GYM) and hit F5 ONCE

Repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 as much as possible before the 5 minute TICK ends.

This seems difficult but its REALLY not. You may wish to try it out a few times with a lower amount of WILL (less shots of Slayer’s Blood) to get comfortable with it.


The process is EXACTLY the same, but instead of doing this in the GYM - you do it at SECRET GYM found HERE

You MUST have Permission of Elders (PoE) to use this one. They are a donator item – but can also sometimes be found in player shops, auctions, and more rarely on the item market.

1 Permission of Elder = one use in the SECRET GYM and it makes your training 4 times more effective.

**Recommendation – Do not power train unless you have at least 15 or 20 PoEs. That way you can really maximize your training. Whatever amount of PoEs you are able to get through in a single 5 min tick you should have at least that amount before starting power training.**


The process is EXACTLY the same, but instead of doing this in the SECRET GYM - you do it at the ELDER'S GYM found HERE and you need ELIXIR of the ELDER (EoE)

This method gives you 5 TIMES the return on your training.


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PostSubject: Re: Full Training and POWER Training Guide   

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Full Training and POWER Training Guide
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