The Divine Reign of the Apocalypse Guards of Ominous Night
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 Leveling Guide

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Villain Masari
Villain Masari

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The higher your level, the better the house you can afford and the higher the level the gear is you can acquire on your own. With each level you get more points to train with at a 100% energy. At certain levels, and with enough money (or a worthy bribe) you can even get better houses which increase your will. This means the higher level you are, the greater the gains when you train. For a level 1 to reach 50k in total stats would take more than twice as many trains to as say… a level 12.

Also, you get higher brave with each level which gives added courage to finally tell off that person at the supermarket that is in front of you with 20 items in the 10 item or less line, when all you want to buy is toilet paper (or newspaper (same thing))

More brave, means more busts and potentially earning exp faster in that regards.

That being said there are three main ways to earn experience. Crimes, Busts, and beating someone up and then leaving them, the forth is at band camp, but no one wants to talk about the experiences there (there were no instruments… yeah).


This is the basic way of leveling. Find someone who is with in a good level range of you (or a higher level) who is weaker and then smack them around. The only way you gain experience from them is if you choose the "LEAVE" option after you have defeated them.


The only crime you can do for now is pick pocketing. This works fairly decent and the higher your will the less likely you will end up in jail. When you get so high up in will, it gets to the point where you will never fail at crime, but the exp gain will be fairly low at best.

You can also fondle someone, but the only experience you get from that is shower time in prison, and trust me, it isn’t worth it.


You get experience for breaking yourself or others out of prison. When you are in jail, you will see the option to bust yourself, and if you click on “Jail House” in the horizontal menu, it will probably be empty… but if it isn't you will see something like this:

Users Incarcerated
Name ------------------ Level ---- Time --------------------- Reason --- --------------- Actions
Villain Masari [6969] --- 0 --- 943 mins --- 2nd Degree Sexual Assault -- [Bust] [Bail]

Click “Bust” and you will end up in jail yourself or get exp. Wear tennis shoes, they help you run faster and increase the odds of escape. Goat mating calls also distract the guards… don’t ask me why.

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Leveling Guide
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